Imagine Toronto in the year 2050.

#Picture2050 is a contest for citizen photographers inspired by Toronto’s Climate Plan.

Deadline for submissions: January 12th, 2018
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The Challenge

Imagine Toronto in the year 2050. What does a caring and climate-friendly city of the future look like to you?

To build the kind of city we want, we need to imagine it. Submit up to 3 photos that represent the Toronto you would like to see in 2050. Each picture submitted is a building block of the future city that we will bring to life together.

Show us your stories and the things that inspire you. Capture actions, events, people, places – anything that you feel is helping Toronto become a better city by 2050.

Picture2050 is organized by the Toronto Climate Action Network (TCAN) and sponsored by The Atmospheric Fund (TAF).

This contest is inspired by TransformTO, the City’s plan to mitigate climate change and build a healthy, equitable and prosperous Toronto. This plan was unanimously approved by City Council in July 2017 and now needs funding to be approved by Council in February 2018.

We hope the photos throughout the website will provide some inspiration.


Changing How We Move - biking is a low-carbon and healthy way to get around.

Solar Panel and heating tubes on an E.Y. bungalow roo

Ready for 2050 since 2007 - an East York bungalow with a solar panel and solar water heating tubes on the roof.

seedlings in test tubes

Urban Forest - seeding the future of carbon capture.

Picking container strawberries

Strawberries - Container fruit in an East York back yard - fresh, organic, delicious.

model house concept

Modeling the Future – a net zero house that generates as much energy as it uses.

Scarborough Poetry Club reading in the Malvern Library courtyard

Poetry on the Patio – Scarborough Poetry Club reading in the Malvern Library courtyard: sharing local talent, building community. Libraries are a great example of the sharing economy and can act as hubs for low-carbon activities.

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Let your imagination be your guide…
…but if you need inspiration for photos, here are some themes to consider

  • Mobility – green, accessible and affordable ways to get around Toronto; transit and active modes; accessibility initiatives
  • Green Jobs – innovative, skilled and decent work that reduces GHGs and makes the city greener; caring and sharing jobs that benefit the community
  • Buildings & Space – energy efficient buildings, powered by renewables; affordable housing; innovative use of space; green space
  • Communities – building low-carbon and resilient communities – people, events, actions, spaces that make communities sustainable, healthy and equitable
  • Conscious Consumption – circular & sharing economy; waste diversion & reduction; food systems that work for communities & the environment; innovative ways to reduce Toronto’s footprint
  • Energy systems – community energy systems; different types of installations and renewable energy initiatives


  • Kids' Award
    Age 11 & under
  • Youth Award
    Age 12 to 17
  • Adult Award
    Age 18 & over


  • Deadline for submissions: Friday January 12th, 2018.
  • Digital Photographs will be accepted via the online form below. Maximum 3 photos per participant.
  • Maximum size per photo for upload: 8 MB
  • Photo quality: 300 PPI (pixels per inch) is recommended. (Photos may be printed for exhibition A4 – 8×11 or larger.)
  • Each photo should have a title (100 character limit) and a description (400 character limit).
  • Images should not have added digital elements; filters are acceptable.
  • Photos can be previously or recently taken but must be shot in the Greater Toronto Area.

Photos will be judged according to set criteria, which will include:

  • Vision for a sustainable, climate-friendly city
  • Representation of TransformTO themes – climate action for a healthy, equitable, prosperous Toronto
  • Originality and creativity


The winner in each category will be awarded $200 and will be recognized at an award ceremony. The winning photographs, along with 4 “honourable mentions” in each category, will be framed and featured in a public exhibit.

The images will be shared on this website and social media. Hashtags: #Picture2050 #TransformTO #TOgether

mural which says no lot is vacant

Bringing Vacant Space to Life - using empty lots to benefit the community


A panel of judges composed of representatives from different organizations and community groups will be convened.

kale growing in vertical agriculture

Kale Munching - vertical agriculture for urban food production.


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