All Contest Submissions

The #Picture2050 photo contest received over 90 submissions.

On February 6th we celebrated 3 winners (Adult, Youth, Kids) and 15 Honourable Mentions.
(See Contest Results).

Among the other submissions, however, there were many excellent photos and many insightful and thought-provoking descriptions and stories. They are all presented in the gallery below.

The submissions tell us what Toronto residents care about as we move forward to 2050, and how they personally connect with the ideas in the City’s TransformTO climate plan.

Below the images see a list of the main themes we noted in the participant submissions.

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Certain themes recurred often in the photos submitted to Picture2050.
Here are the main ones we identified:

  • Greenspace, Waterfront, Trees, Clean Air and Water
  • Food from the Garden
  • Reducing Waste
  • Mobility: Transit and Active Modes
  • Wildlife and Pollinators
  • Renewable Energy
  • Housing, Buildings and Space
  • Community and Community Engagement
  • Culture, Diversity and Public Art
  • The Next Generation